You Are Only Gods

You Are Only Gods


Dimensions: 106cm x 127cm (42” x52”)
Year: 2018
Material/Process: Acrylic, oil, gouache, charcoal, spray on latex primed, stretched gallery canvas. Finished with a blend of matte mediums and satin varnish.


UK - The Underdog London

“Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing.” 

— Seneca

Her gaze oriented towards the heavens and the transcendent qualities of life, she is reclined in an elegant pose against a black cubic void - the only absence of colour in the painting.

Crowned with a skull, the void symbolizes mortality and the inescapable fate to which all life is bound. It supports her in all her grace and beauty, but serves also as a stark and unremitting reminder truth that one day you will die.

Far from depressing, the Memento Mori should ignite us to cast aside dull care and cowardly excuses, and take mythic action towards that which we desire. Time is short and growing shorter. Even as you read this, the sand is rushing through the hour glass. Money, fame and power will not stop its flight. All that remains is to make every grain of sand accounted for by doing that which matters most to you. Create grand memories, surround yourself with beauty, depth, experience, and richness. Go as far and as high as you can and make your life a story worthy of being told. Be different, speak your truth, and be fearlessly yourself. Really what have you got to lose by trying? Its not like any of us are going to make it out alive…

Acceptance of impermanence and insubstantiality can be elevated into an aesthetic sensibility, a state of perception that actually appreciates things which cannot last. This does not mean that endings and mortality are celebrated or sought for. There is still sorrow present at the inevitability of what must be, particularly at the loss of people, places and things that are precious to us. However, this melancholy is infused with a still and silent joy in the fact that we had the chance to witness the beauty of the moment at all, however fleeting it may have been. It is a sweet heartache.

Against the vastness of eternity we might feel insignificant, or filled with dread and despair. Yet humanity is made best by our glorious defiance of this doom, and before the unknown horizon which awaits us at our life’s end we thrash and strive and raise our great works to echo down the centuries.

Let all that you do be for greatness, and may the trajectory of your life spark within you a fire ignites others towards action of their own. All else is dust.

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