Nihilo Ex Nihil

Nihilo Ex Nihil


“Ex Nihilo Nihil”

Materials/ Process: Acrylic, gouache, aerosol, pastel
                                 and charcoal on canvas.

Dimensions: 123cm x 123cm (4’ x 4’)


CANADA - Urban Art

The sky ain’t the limit when there’s foot prints on the moon

To attain the heightened consciousness necessary in order to see the light of true reality beyond all illusion.

To understand that this awareness is not merely perception, but that the awareness is true reality itself.

To know that boundaries, opposites, fear, anger and sorrow are a part of illusion and the attachment to it, and are destroyed by awareness of true reality.

To realize that your consciousness, though surrounded by the weave and web of illusion, is not separate from this true reality, and that you, yourself, are one with what man has called god, the divine, nature, cosmos, the ultimate.

These things are the Great Work, though we may sometimes lose sight or be distracted by illusions.

This work towards illumination for me doesn’t come only from quiet time spent in contemplation, but from dust and blood, tears, struggle, isolation, heartbreak, fear, despair, ecstasy and pushing beyond the limits of beauty and ugliness or good and evil. Building businesses, creating art, training, writing, and always trying my best to distill as many experiences as possible into a coherent whole that will lead to some kind of clarity or enlightenment.

After all this time, I feel I am still only the Fool, perpetually discovering that all I know for certain is that I don’t.

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