Did it Make You Feel?

Did it Make You Feel?


Dimensions: 48” x 48” (122 cm x 122 cm)
Year: 2018
Material/Process: Acrylic, gouache, charcoal, glitter, aerosol on latex primed stretched gallery canvas


CANADA - Urban Art

The search for retreating beauty in this world of chaotic glamour…

Like many of you, my life happens at the speed of thought. I am child of technology. A futurist. My work outside of art (and in it as well, to a great extent) is bound to the increasing rapidity of society being driven by post-mobile and integrated technologies. What I want in life and in business is simple, really.  Everything. Now. 

Invariably the fast-fashion insta-world of modernity grows tiresome. Hands-free access, smart appliances, smart homes, the internet of things, on-demand entertainment, apps for everything… and yet somehow our lives become more complicated and stressful than ever. The other day I caught myself downloading a meditation app. Has it come down to this - that I am unable even to sit and do nothing without the guidance of my mobile device?

One has to stop at some point and take a good long look in the mirror. Studies indicate that our attention spans have been reduced to a mere fraction of what they once were. So many people have lost the ability to learn deeply and read long-form content. We choose audiobooks over actual books so that we can half-listen to them while running on a treadmill and returning emails. The depth of critical thinking, aesthetic intellect, and strength of will has crumbled to the point of annihilation in many people. If you’ve read this far, congratulations – you might be the exception. 

Art must inquire, now, along this train of thought – since it reflects the environment in which it is created. With all the noise and chaos and gorgeous distractions where does the creative spirit now find a place to thrive beyond the sea of disposable ephemerality? 

Inspire of the illness with which we are afflicted, I know people desire stories and substance more than ever before. That’s why we all search with such voracity for meaning and potent narrative. That’s why social media is overflowing with outrage articles and ridiculous comments. That’s why people are so easily offended by everything. The truth is, we all want meaning. And emotion that flows from truth. 

The other day I talked to a friend who told me that she can’t focus for long enough to read a book without falling asleep. But she can tell me every last tiny detail about Game of Thrones. So is it really that you can’t focus… or are you simply avoiding deeper wells where real stories are drawn up from? 

Surely as an artist it is my work and the work of others like me to connect with you on a level that is more than merely skin deep? So I propose this to you – that while all the world is distracted and half asleep, we step outside the hum of fluorescent lights and past the glazed, staring eyes to find something of greater worth. We can have real conversations about things that matter. We can talk as humans, face to face. We can find solutions that will save us all from being crippled by our own success and comfort. And, we can feel alive again. In art, and in life. So let’s raise a glass to liberty… and to the search for retreating beauty in a world of chaotic glamour. 

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